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The Curriculum at Outwood Primary School

At Outwood Primary School we believe that education is a route to spiritual, moral, social, cultural, physical and mental development and thus the well-being of the individual. The values that underpin that education are valuing ourselves, our families and other relationships, the wider groups to which we belong, the diversity in our society and the environment in which we live.

Education must enable us to respond positively to the opportunities and challenges of the rapidly changing world in which we live and work.

The School Curriculum

At Outwood, we provide a rich, deep and humanising curriculum through an enquiry and dilemma solving approach. This engages the children intellectually, emotionally and physically to promote a love of learning and to become aspirational and open-minded learners. Our children will be curious problem solvers that are respectful, resilient and nurturing, who have an understanding and a “botheredness” about the world we live in. This is in line with, but also goes beyond, the requirements set out in the National Curriculum. Our diverse curriculum celebrates the world we live in and offers ongoing experiences to develop the children’s cultural capital.

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