We care, we learn, we grow


As a school we are a place where all children are accepted for who they are without fear or intimidation.

Our teachers play a critical role in fostering safe and caring learning environments regardless of students’ ethnicity, race, gender, class, ability, sexual orientation or religion.

They help students respect religious diversity and appreciate and celebrate each other’s individual identities, worldviews and customs.

They also teach strategies to avoid or resolve conflicts peacefully and deal with disrespectful behaviour.

We incorporate character education in our teaching practice as we model respect and acceptance and teach proactive social skills and positive values.

We recognise issues around religion can be highly sensitive and potentially controversial considering which we believe it is important to create safe and caring school environment that can foster an understanding of others’ beliefs.

We celebrate and highlight all festivals. Some important days and dates throughout the year are as follows (some might change as follow the lunar calendar):

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