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Music at Outwood

Music at Outwood


Here, at Outwood Primary School, we recognise that Music is a great way for children to express themselves and, as such, it is a very important part of each child's education.

All children are given the opoprtunity to explore music through a wide variety of genres, using instruments to enhance their performance and as a medium to perform their own compositions.  The children follow a progression of skills map, which ensures that each child builds on thier musical knowledge and understanding, year on year. 

The children in the junior school are invited to take part in Choir each week and they are involved with internal and external performances throughout the year. 

All the children at Outwood are offered the opportunity to learn either the guitar or ukulele, via an external peripetetic music teacher, and the development of thier ability is evident through regular perfomances within school.

We are privilaged to have a full set of Steel Pans at our disposal and an external Steel Pan teacher has come into school to teach the children in the upper junior classes for many years.  This provides all children the opportunity to learn an instrument, read and play music and enjoy performing music together, with fantastic results.  

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