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Before and After School Care

Breakfast Club 

Our Breakfast Club has been running now for over ten years and is very popular.

This cost is £4 per child per day which includes childcare, two breakfast items and a drink. 

  • Breakfast club opens its doors at 7.30am - booking is necessary  and can be made through your ParentPay account. 
  • Only food/drinks purchased at breakfast club are to be consumed within breakfast club.
  • You are more than welcome to bring your child to Breakfast Club even if your child prefers to eat at home, however there will still be the charge of £4.
  • Food will be served from 7.30am - 8.15am
  • Always accompany your child all the way to the main doors where a member of staff will greet you.
  • Breakfast club closes at 8.20am therefore any parent/carer arriving after 8.20am will be asked to accompany their children onto the main playground and remain with them until 8.45 am, when a member of school teaching staff will be present to supervise children.
  • All children must follow the Breakfast Club rules which are in line with the school’s behaviour policy, this can be found on the school website.

If you have any further questions we are more than happy to listen.

After School Club 

Please find below arrangements for payments/bookings for After School Club. The club will run from straight after school at 3:15pm until 5:15pm at the latest. During the session we will have different activities for the children to take part in and we offer a snack and a drink.

Pre Paid Bookings £7.50 per session

Pre-paid bookings guarantee your child’s place for the whole term at £7.50 per session and must be paid for within the first week of the new term (unless alternative arrangements have been agreed by W. Hampson). The payment will be for the whole of the term and no refunds can be offered for days missed.

Before the end of each term, parents/carers should confirm their after school club needs for the following term with any member of ASC staff. Failure to confirm will mean ASC staff will not collect your child at the end of the school day in the new term and your place could be lost.

We have a mobile phone number that can be used if no one is available at the main doors when you are collecting your child or in the event of an emergency. This number will only be in action during after school club hours and cannot be used to make bookings. The mobile number is 07783 305416. 

Please can we also remind you that if your child is booked into afterschool club and you decide to not use the place you do still need to let the school know as we have a waiting list for this service. We are not able to offer refunds or carryover of funds. All children who are booked into the afterschool club need to be collected from the front entrance of the school even if it is directly at the end of the school day as they will be collected from their classes by the afterschool club staff.

If you would like to reserve a place or find out more please contact our Wrap Around Care Manager Wayne Hampson at wayne.hampson@outwood.stockport.sch.uk or call the above phone number. 


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