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It is our school policy that all children wear school uniform when attending school, representing the school, or when participating in a school-organised event outside normal school hours.

The aims and objectives are to:

  • Promote a sense of pride.
  • Practical and smart.
  • Support positive behaviour and discipline.
  • Encourage identity with school ethos.
  • Ensure pupils of all races and background feel welcome.
  • Support effective teaching and learning.
  • Promote a sense of equality.
  • Ensure health and safety.

The winter uniform consists of royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan embroidered with the school logo and can be purchased from Debonair School Wear in Wythenshawe or online at http://debonairschoolwear.co.uk/product-category/schools/primary-schools/outwood-primary-school/. There are grey/black trousers and white polo shirt or shirt for boys and grey/black skirt or trousers and white polo shirt or blouse for girls; which may be purchased from any departmental store. All children have to wear black shoes, no trainers, no heels. In summer the boys may wear black or grey shorts with black/grey socks and girls a blue check dress along with white socks or a grey/black pinafore with white polo or dress shirt. If there are serious reasons why children have to wear different clothes, on religious grounds, the school holds a flexible approach. Due to health and safety reasons the children are not allowed to wear jewellery, especially when doing PE.

The P.E. Kit consists of:

  • Black shorts and white T-shirts (plain) (in summer).
  • Black/ navy blue tracksuit bottoms with white T-shirts (in winter).
  • Footwear: Trainers or pumps


  • (In summer) Black shorts and white T-shirts (plain).
  • (In winter) Black/ navy blue tracksuit bottoms with white T-shirts.
  • Footwear: none required, bare feet in the hall.

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