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Is an Ofsted result the true reflection of a schools performance?
When choosing a school, it is sometimes easy to be guided by statistics, but they can be deceptive.
In smaller schools like Outwood Primary, one assessment result for a small class can have a huge impact on overall percentages, swaying attainment levels.
The government has developed a way of measuring the progress that individual pupils have made between taking assessments in Yr2 and Yr6. We call this the 'value added' measure, and it shows how good the school is at improving an individuals performance. Value added measures are intended to allow fairer comparisons between schools with different pupil intake.

Which Area do I need to live in for my child to qualify for consideration at Outwood?
All parents have a choice as to which school they can place their child in. 
You do not need to live close to the school, or in its normal catchment area.
If you want to send your child to our school, or would just like to gather more information, then please contact our school office on 0161 - 437 - 1715, or by email to headteacher@outwood.stockport.sch.uk

I would like to see the school before I make my choice but cannot make the open day - is that ok?
Yes - you can visit us at any time and we would be delighted to see you.
Just call our school office on 0161 - 437 - 1715 to make an appointment with our Headteacher Mrs Jenni Maude.

What system is used to help children learn to read??
The school uses a variety of strategies to support children in learning to read.
A Phonic approach is used in the early stages of learning.
Reading is taught from the Early Years through to Key Stage 2, where opportunities are given for children to develop higher order reading skills.
Children are regularly assessed in reading, targets are set and progress is monitored.
The school has an extensive range of reading material to support children's reading development.

Do you have a healthy eating policy?
Our school has many awards, among them Healthy School's Status, the Fairtrade Award and most recently the Parent Partnership Award. We have also achieved Green Flag status for our environmental work.
In the past we have earned International Schools Status through our international links with other schools in Europe and Africa.

What sort of Extra Curricular activities are available for my children?
The school's after school activities include:

  • Drama
  • Football
  • Multisports
  • Cheerleading
  • Business
  • Green Gang
  • Story Club 
  • Creative Board

We also have an early Breakfast Club designed to help working parents.
Children can be dropped off at the school from 7:30 am
All children are ensured a healthy start to the day, followed by a range of activities which are supervised by the Breakfast Club staff.

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