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Reception 2020 - 2021

Mrs Larkin

Welcome to 2020 - 2021 EYFS page where you can find out about some of the exciting things we are doing in our provision as well as having access to information and advice to help your child progress in the Early Years.  If you have any concerns, please arrange a meeting with your class teacher at a convenient time. We are here for you. 

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Early Years Leader & FS2 Teacher: Mrs. Patricia Larkin

FS1 Teacher: Mrs. Lyndsey Beer (Mon - Wed) If you need to contact Mrs. Beer Thursday or Friday - please do so through Dojo with Mrs. Larkin or Mrs. Billings.

HLTA: Mrs. Ann Billings

TA: Angela Kelly / Mrs. Sarwet Ghani

Obviously, due to Covid, there are changes we never expected, however, Outwood staff  are adaptable and our aim is to have safe, healthy, happy children who make great progress. To help with transition from home to school, whether that be home to Nursery/FS1 or FS1 to Reception/FS2, please ensure you sign up to Class Dojo so we can keep in touch on a daily basis. 

This is especially vital if you are a working parent or carer or don't drop off and pick up your child.  If a grandparent or other carer is your child's usual 'person' for pick up & drop off - provide their email or phone number so they too can have access to ClassDojo.

Class Dojo: an electronic platform to communicate immediately and regularly with each other

Immediately - if your child has had an accident or becomes unwell through the day.  Currently we cannot send a paper slip home, so using ClassDojo, we can inform you about the injury and how it has been treated.  If a serious accident or symtoms of Covid occures, we use the contact number you provide - ensure this is up to date with your class teacher and with the school office (0161 437 1715).  Mrs. Moon will adjust on our school records. Remember to inform the office of absenteeism, need of medicines, change of lunch routines etc.

Daily - to celebrate your child's rewards and for you to see how they are doing through the day.  Dojo points are given to encourage positive attributes and behaviour, evidence of our ACORN Values, reward hard work and collaborative group work - all of which we share and talk about with the class.  At the end of the week, the class with the most Dojo points are praised in assembly - which at the moment will be shared virtually.

Weekly - to direct you to the school website of our class learning and a short message about the following week.  

Whole school story  - Mrs. Maude, Mrs. Moon, members of the SLT and any other teachers will keep you informed about any whole school information and initiatives.  We will not bombard you with any unnecessary information or messages.  Outwood's ACORN values is at our heart and personal wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us.

General Reminders


FS1: Tuesday - no PE kit required.

FS2: Friday morning.  PE kits to be worn to school on the day of their PE session during the summer term.  Children need shorts, white t-shirt, pumps or trainers and jogging bottoms/sweatshirts for the winter weather.  


We ask for £5 for the half-term, to be brought in an envelope with your child's name.  The fund goes toward paying for special celebration snacks (EYFS are proud to celebrate all special occasions - Chinese New Year, Divali, Pancake Tuesday, Easter - in fact most celebrations that are reflected in our multi-cultural society - and what better way than to do it through sharing food, music and times to be together).  We also use funds to buy ingredients for making fresh playdough with the children (now due to Covid - we have to make it much more frequently) and other cooking experiences, plus buying other special resources to enrich and enhance your child's learning journey.


Available on Google Classroom and Class Dojo - a half-termly challenge sheet for you to choose the topic areas from.  I do ask that phonics adn maths link to what we are learning that particular week.

Phonics & Maths in FS2 is delivered and covered in a time related pace.  If your child requires more time or is ahead with sounds or number - don't push or hold them back. Keep supporting and encouraging them.  Do keep me informed via Dojo when we can't meet in person. Remember, as indivuals, we have different learning styles and learn at different paces.  At Outwood, our aim is to meet our children's individual needs and help them make the very best progress they can. 

Homework books will be given out near the beginning of term.   Use them for the work covered.  Due to Covid, do not send books back weekly.  Instead, photograph work and send it on Dojo so I can reward your child's efforts.  At the end of the half-term - return their homework book so I can mark it.   At the beginning of the new half term or term, I will give their homework book back to you.  I ask that you use one page for one week's homework.  I will provide extra paper for specific topic posters if you need - just let me know via Dojo.

Reading: Just before we break for Easter, your child will come home with a reading pack.  It contains a book and a toy.  The pack will be chosenbn by your child.  It is not linked to their reading ability - but their own interest and choice which may be fiction or non-fiction.    Look at illustrations, talk about the story, the setting, the characters, what they like/dislike about characters, how problems can be solved.  If it  is a non-fiction book, talk about what they know and understand about the facts.  Most importantly, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy - because it has been proven that reading with your child for 10 minutes a day really makes a difference to their progress through the year and future.

Since September, your child comes home with a reading book from our reading scheme and a reading record diary; please, please support them by reading with them and by making a comment or signing in the comments section.  Let me know if you have any concerns at all. 

Thank you, Mrs Larkin

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