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Year 3 learning

Date: 13th May 2022 @ 12:16pm

Our week has been a busty one this week! So much learning taking place :)

We began the week with a visit back to our Island. As part of our science we have established ourselves on a remote island and we are studiying the plants and climate to see how we can support our community. 

We have been inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe with our art and have looked at flowers and the close up detail needed. 

Maths has been all about addition and subtraction and looking for patterns which is always fun!

We have also written some great adverts inspired by the automaton in our book 'The adventure of Hugo Cabret'.

We finished the week with an online event with Lucy Hawking - he father was the world famous scientist Stephen Hawking!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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