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Year 2 Senses Walk and Chocolate Apples

Date: 11th Nov 2020 @ 3:05pm

Year 2 have enjoyed using their senses on an Autumn walk which will help them with their poetry writing this week. They have also enjoyed learning about Guy Fawkes and the traditions of toffee apples and chocolate apples, and used their senses whilst making their own chocolate sprinkle apples.

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Faris A wrote:

Wow amazing! Year 2 is so impressive! The chocolate apples look really yummy! I wish I was in year 2. 👍

Max B wrote:

I like the work❤️

Kobie C wrote:

Year 2 is so impressive! 👍

Lucy C wrote:

Amazing work it is the best work l have seen in the world.😁👍

Lucy C wrote:

it’s the best work in the world 😁👍🙂

Ashbala K wrote:

Wow year 2-wow year 2👍🤩😆

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