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EYFS planting flowers and seeds

Date: 9th Jul 2021 @ 4:50pm

This week has gone so fast! We have been extremely busy learning to read our text map of Jack and the Beanstalk. The children are doing really well - see if they can retell the story to you.

We have also read ‘Oliver’s Vegetables and Oliver's Fruit Salad’. We sorted foods into fruits, vegetables and other. They sampled cucumber, celery, lettuce, green beans and tomatoes earlier in the week.   Today, most of them had some fresh juicy pineapple - Raees even drank the left over fresh juice!   Your children LOVE their food!

We have planted seeds in our growing patch, and finished off planting our bedding plants and herbs in pots - ready for our Horticultural Show today. Please see the link on our school website to vote for your favourite.  

Just to remind you next week is Sports Week. Children are to come to school in shorts/jogging pants and trainers (preferably Velcro fastening ones) ready to do a selection of sport activities.
Have a lovely weekend - enjoy the match - good luck England!

PS - doors will be open until 10:30 on Monday morning if your child is watching the match - let them have a lie in - but bring them in.

Thank you for your continual support,
Mrs Larkin, Miss Kelly and Mrs Spilman

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